About Us

This website is sponsored by a group of U.S. citizens who believe it is essential that We the People understand the evidence/consequences of the attacks of September 11, 2001. The site assembles in one place much of the proven information we have spent years searching out in videos, books and articles, both in print and on various websites. We provide this research collection to our fellow citizens in the hope and belief that as more and more of us absorb the evidence/consequences of 9/11 we will be equipped to insist on a future course for our country based on truth about these highly consequential attacks.

Of utmost importance, these consequences include using a false narrative about the perpetrators of nine-eleven to justify:

  • Wars with amorphous goals against countries and people who were not responsible for the 9/11 attacks and leading to millions of war refugees spilling into other countries, causing political and economic stress in those other countries
  • Use of U.S. and mercenary troops, assassins, mines, bombs and drones to terrorize, maim and kill innocent men, women and children abroad
  • Indefinite imprisonment of people who are innocent of the crimes of which they are accused
  • Torture to secure “confessions” of crimes the tortured person did not commit
  • Increasing religious fanaticism due, in part, to war, killing and torture of innocent people
  • Framing innocent people in the U.S. as “terrorists” and refusing them judicial recourse
  • Unchecked spying on U.S. citizens
  • Persecution, including jailing, exile and even threatening death, against journalists and whistleblowers, whose stories and reports are regularly censored
  • Diminished transparency in government and
  • Otherwise trampling on our liberties

We are deeply concerned citizens in a growing movement. Please join us in:

  • Informing our fellow citizens of the evidence presented on this and other websites, books, articles and videos and
  • Calling for the declassification of all materials related to 9/11 and for the President and Congress to establish a truly independent commission, with subpoena powers, to investigate the events of 9/11.